The Sun, Friend or Foe?

Summer is around the corner and what better way to spend your days than frolicking on the white sands of the beach or the green grass of the parks. Of course, every person wants to look their best while soaking up that Vitamin D and you also want to ensure that you are protected from the harmful UV rays. Most people automatically think of sunblock and protecting your skin, however, the eyes are often completely forgotten.

While the perfect, fashionable pair of sunglasses can make you the talk of your social circle, they also ensure that your sensitive eyes are kept out of harm’s way. These days, sunglasses are offered in wide varieties, brands, shapes, sizes and colors and a decent pair can be quite costly.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to purchase a pair for every outfit? The fashionista that my teenage daughter is, this is exactly what she wanted. Of course there was no way in high heaven I could possibly afford the expense but at the same time I did want to keep her happy. I decided to explore my options and came across a solution that would work for anybody who has a sunglasses fetish. Buying wholesale fashion sunglasses gives you the freedom to feed your fetish while still maintaining a bank balance above the red line.

Buying wholesale in no way limits your choices and it definitely doesn’t mean you get to choose between less than attractive products. I have a surprise for my teenage daughter this summer, one that is sure to have her showing off her pearly whites in that broad smile she reserves for special moments: A pair of sunglasses for every day of the week, every outfit and every possible daytime adventure that this summer could bring. Trendy, fashionable and in every color imaginable, these sunglasses will add new life to her wardrobe and have her friends green with envy.